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Hey there!

You can call me Sailor.

I have been knocking around the Internet for well over 15 years (half my life so far). In that time, I have seen a lot and done a lot. None of it is noteworthy.

I have been creating art for about the same amount of time, although none of my earliest stuff was ever online (and whew! I'm glad it never was). When I first started out, I had just discovered DeviantArt and was enthralled by the artists I followed in those early days, but I never had the courage to create an account until the site was truly a barren wasteland populated only by holdouts, defunct accounts, and fetish art. I tried Tumblr for about five years starting in 2017, but all that did was deteriorate my mental health. Then, the Great Purge occurred, and now Tumblr is inhabited only by holdouts, defunct accounts, and porn bots. I got on the Twitter bandwagon around the same time, but without grousing too much, it was even worse and I recently deleted everything there. Currently, you can find me on Ko-Fi and Pillowfort, where I spend my days creating artwork of my friends' Dungeons and Dragons characters and vibing to good content.

As an artist, my influences have changed drastically over the years, which is no surprise in a decade and a half! Most of my OLD stuff isn't viewable anymore and I'd like to keep it that way. Stylistically, I've gone from inspired by my favorite anime and manga to an attempt to be more palatable to a larger audience (which was awful, btw), before finally achieving my current style with which, for the first time in my life, I am happy.

As a person, I have A LOT of interests. Too many to list, really. I'm mostly inspired by music and games. You should check out my interests for more on that!

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